deals with production and wholesale of car tyres for all types of cars: personal, delivery and off-road ones, in many sizes and many patterns, both winter and summer types.
The final product is a tyre about parameters which totally cover the customers needs. Currently in our offer we have a big range of tyres. Our products contain European standards of producing and safety.

The    company produces mainly tyres for personal, delivery and off-road cars, in typical sizes: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 inch ones, as they are the most popular sizes on the market. The technology of producing and the tyre itself are characterized by high quality, durability and good use, which is especially important taking into account the safety of driving. Our company buys the highest quality products from well-established European producers.

Since the beginning of its operation the    company has paid special attention to the quality of produced tyres. A number of tests carried out before and after the production process allows us to produce a faultless tyre which is ready to be used. 

The    company aims at developing its markets. This strategy proved to be effective and won the company many customers. The continually developing network of distributors of our products is responsible for a considerable increase in production and widening the offer of our products in terms of tyre sizes and patterns. The implementation of new technologies in the production process, specialist machines of leading manufacturers and rigorous quality controls account for the increasing demand for our product and the increasing number of regular, satisfied customers.

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tel. +48(prefiks) 18 541 35 23
tel. +48(prefiks) 18 541 35 22

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+48 (prefiks) 18 33 70 730,
fax +48 (prefiks) 18 33 70 731
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